Steel Fetters

At the end of the twentieth century, India has forged ahead into the future. However, its traditions remain fettered to the past.

Despite her image of being a liberated young woman in the late 1980s, Afia Rana is aware that, at the slightest provocation, her orthodox parents will force her to give up her job and marry a man of their choice. And when this finally happens, it is too late. She has already found the man of her choice.

Unable to resist the suave Dhruv Tandon, owner of the flourishing Tandon Steel Company, Afia is pregnant with his child. Drowning in a sea of disillusion and daunted by the prospect of motherhood in a culture that decries single mothers, all Afia has to offer her child is her love, which she hopes will be enough to protect him from a self-righteous society fraught with double standards.

Afia is astute enough to help her son cope with the fact that his father is married to a woman who is not his mother, and strong enough to break the fetters that bind her and her son to Tandon.