Author Information

Originally from the South of India, Tina Fernandez now lives in Italy and manages a successful travel business along with her Italian husband.

After she graduated, Tina had two very diverse career options, a journalist or an airline stewardess.

Although she chose the latter, she did not give up on her passion for writing.

She has written and published several short stories and articles based on what she calls her ‘Coffee, Tea or Me’ days.

A visit to Afghanistan in 1989, drew her attention to the plight of widows and children in a cruel war torn environment . This experience motivated her novel Afghanistan The Legacy.

However, she realized that she did not have to leave her own country to discover the struggles of single motherhood.

Steel Fetters celebrates a topic that is very close to her heart, and she has decided that the proceeds of sales will be donated to associations befriending single-mothers .

“This book means a lot to me,” she says , “ I applaud the women who have broken the fetters of moral norms in an orthodox society.